A store that sells medical marijuana and other mairjuana like products. Legal in California
I get my weed from the cannabis club, so i dont get caught at the weed spot.
by Richard Eggers March 14, 2006
The legal delivery of Medical Marijuana and other Marijuana products. Legal in California. The only legal way to have your medical marijuana delivered discretely, legaly and quickly to your home or office.
Hey Mary, Help! My mom is sick and needs her medical marijuana, but with all the dispenseries closed, where am i to look?

Jane, you need to call Cannabis Club Delivery. Google it.
by Compassionate Care July 13, 2010
A cool club that likes to get dank everyday and is always high
by Rightinyourmind January 5, 2019
A club that likes to smoke heavy amounts of marijuana and reside in places like wide trees
by Rightinyourmind January 5, 2019