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Briley is a drop, dead gorgeous girl who is willing to stand up for what she believes in and will stop at nothing to get what she wants she is very caring and loving and very sweet she always there for her friends and has a need for eating food and throwing half of it away she doesn't mess around when people mess with her if you bite her she bites back but if you have her as your girlfriend you may be the luckiest guy standing on the earth soil but all out Briley is perfect
is that Briley? I wish she could be mine
by Matthew pilight January 24, 2019
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Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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Briley is the most beautilful girl there is. All the boys go after her. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She doesn't let people mess with her. She is the brightest of the group and is really stubborn. She is intelligent and has good grades. She doesn't care what people think. She's picky about guys and whoever she likes it awesome. She's confident that she will do good in anything. She's always there for friends and is sweet when she wants to.
She's almost as beautilful as Briley
by Brileyisthequeen May 19, 2018
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Let's see... there is no words to describe Briley. He is defiantly a hottie!! He can be such a weirdo too at times but once you get to know him you will defiantly fall in love with his personality. He has Blonde hair and blue eyes with glasses. He's super athletic and good at any sport! (Just don't let him roll his shorts up too high!) He is hilarious and you can't stay mad at him long because he'll find someway to make you smile. He is very outgoing and tries to talk to everyone. He can have quite a temper at times and is too proud to apologize right away and admit that he's wrong. But he is kind at heart and if you give him time you will be having a blast sooner than you think! If you have a Briley in your life make sure that you keep it that way and protect him from the words of criticism that may come his way (he may end up flipping a table over or breaking a window because his heart is so fragile and in his mind he's perfect and has no flaws)!!!!!
"Hey did you hear what Briley did today?"

"Nah man, I swear that kid is on crack!"
"Ha! Don't tell him that!"
by CHICHI CHERRY November 01, 2019
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Briley is such a beautiful young lady. She enjoys spending time with family and enjoys the company of her friends. She is very thoughtful and a wonderful girlfriend. She has a big heart and a kind soul. She is such a perfect young lady. No one will ever forget the name Briley. She is such a wonderful person to be around 24/7. And all her ex’s want her back, because she is so perfect.
Briley is so sexy and honest.
by All knowing Goddddddd June 18, 2018
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An incredibly sexy girl who is addicted to Yahoo Answers and makes her rounds in the Religion and Spirituality section. She's incredibly stubborn but has the cutest face when she gets pissed off. She manipulates men, chewing them up and spitting them out. She died her hair auburn, simply because everyone liked her as a blonde. She is an unpredictable creature out to destroy the male species. Briley is an incredible writer, beer pong player, and she is dangerously attractive. If you cross paths with her, avoid eye contact at all costs. One day the entire world will know her name, but she'll never know mine.
Boy #1: What the hell is Briley doing??

Boy #2: Dancing in the rain.

Boy #1: But it’s freezing outside…..and she’s in a thin white dress with no bra on.

Boy #2: Yeah, that’s how she rolls. She's got great boobs right?

Boy #1: *drools* yeah, but she is insane.

Boy #2: I know. She's perfect.
by notworthyofher February 06, 2010
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A briley is usually someone who resides in the home of R&S yahoo answers. She hates men and talks like a whore. Briley has a reputation of boy bashing, but threatens to seduce every male in her path. She manipulates people sexually and trash talks those who bug her. Briley is a legend.
Girl: Dude, that person talks so skanky.

Boy: And all she does is insult guys.

Girl: She is such a Briley.
by addictofRandS February 06, 2010
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