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The act of having a bra on one's head and texting
Dude, I was so drunk last night, I was even brexting people!
by UltimateBrexter August 14, 2011
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the act of sending a text message when on the subway- this usually involves waiting until the train passes under a bridge.
oh man- when the bloor-danforth train passes over the DVP- you can see everybody and their mother brexting
by Motivated_nul March 17, 2009
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That one person who's like omg this party sucks imma leave, but then stays for another 3 hours

It also works in a conversation when someone is like I gotta go but you can see that they're still reading ur texts
Brextor:"this partys trash... I can't believe you made me go... I'm out."

Friend:"Tf dude weren't you leaving like 3 hours ago, stop brexting
by The_Woolie_Alpaca March 28, 2019
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