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A tabloid newspaper reader who realises he has been duped with lies and hatred from the Sun, Mail and Daily Express, tries to make amends in turning anti-Brexit, exorcising the demons of little Englanders who seek to wreck the nation's economy for xenophobic notoriety.
"No longer am I hoodwinked into believing the NHS will get 350m a week. I now understand this is an evil lie. EVIL! Behold the Brexorcist"
by bredbasket September 13, 2016
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Economic diarrhoea for when your bank balance bowels want out. Swallow the laxative of £350m a day for the NHS, and watch Britain's ass explode. Use Sun Newspaper front page scare stories about Europe to wipe away the mess.
"You'd better call the doctor. Better out than in, you said, but your #Brexshit has gone Arsical 50!"
by bredbasket July 18, 2016
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To be Brext is to be well and truly vexed by Brexit. Angry with the lies about more money for the National Health Service (NHS), scared over the rising number of racial attacks, pissed off with Teresa May, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, and downright livid at future trade tariffs with the rest of Europe.
"I am well and truly Brext. Outside of the Single Market, Britain is finished"
by bredbasket September 13, 2016
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