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Breck is an amazing human being who deserves all the love and affection in this world. A man who should never give up and should always fight for his happiness. Guys named Breck are the most fascinating males alive. They make you the happiest person in the world and make you love yourself. They’re with you during thin and thick. They know how to love and how to be the best and amazing people in the world. Boys named Breck are super talented and lovable. They will mean the world to you once you get to know them. Because they are amazing. They deserve all the love and will always be loved and appreciated.
by Ya boi pipi boi egg baloo August 19, 2018
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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She is the Kind of person that gets all A's in all of her classes she loves art and she can be sensitive at times but she super nice everybody and is a leader not a follower she has her own opinions she always agrees with everything anyone says shes never bad she loves animals and she struggles in Math but really pretty and every wants to date her she sometimes wear mascara and that's all of the makeup.
Breck- nice and pretty
by Becky flourist December 18, 2017
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the short-name for Breckenridge, the tightest ski resort in colorado. Home of the highest lift in North America (The Imperial Express-built in 2005). Where the chillest people live. The guy to girl ratio is about 1:3, but the night life is sweet and the town is pretty. And you cant find a fast food restaurant to save your life.
Dude I got so wasted apres ski in Breck this weekend.
by lareila February 07, 2007
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a person that acts like the seagulls from "finding nemo" and causes general chaos
latisha breckified the computer
by greg January 19, 2004
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A generally chill dude. He is likely a stoner but deeply loves all of his friends. A Breck is outgoing to a fault, and makes friends easily. Breck is a stone faced, monotone type guy, but you can see emotions peek through. If a Breck is sad or crying, something may be very wrong. Keep him with you because if not you'll have lost a kind soul.
Jack: Yo, you're totally a Breck
Lane: A brick?
Jack: Nah man, like the chillest dude of them all
Lane: Hell yeah
by Bre-1 May 01, 2019
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A word to describe a person that thinks they know a word and how to use it and is using it incorrectly. This word can also mean another word for Catachresis. You can also use it as an insult to someone when they don’t know how to do something.
Henry: Bro, you’re such a Simp for liking a girl!

Jerry: Henry, you’re such a Breck. I am not a simp for liking a girl.
by Marintoxx April 23, 2020
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