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Almost the entire opposite to a fuckboy. This specimen lives entirely from the boys, and devotes their life to putting smiles on their friends faces, through particular acts such as shoey’s, rhinos and getting naked. The vocabulary of the breather isn’t extensive, it centralises around phrases such as “don’t dog the boys”, “yeah the boys” and “sup bro” accompanied with a head raise. Their particular way of life focusing on impressing other males, is usually used to mask feelings of inadequacy towards woman, this usually stems from a high school relationship that went sour because the breather decided to make themselves emotionally vulnerable (it won’t happen again, fuck you Stacey). Well the breather feels most comfortable sinking wets in an apartment in New Zealand funded through an extensive student loan, they are actually in Wellington, Dunedin ect…to go to University. They struggle to sit in a lecture theatre for more than 30 minutes, without retreating to the toilets to rail a line of pingers (which is most likely laundry powder), and due to this have already cost their upper middle class family over $2000 dollars in failed commerce papers. They will most likely be found wearing Huffer attire, and a Rodd & Gunn hat roaming the streets of a New Zealand city hungover on a Monday.
Girl 1 - "Did you finally talk to big Jock last night? He was looking pretty cute !"
Girl 2 - "No he was to busy doing a rhino, and stealing darts of Catelyn"
Girl 1 - "Oh, that sucks, I didn't know he was such a breather"
by Breathersrus September 13, 2018
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brother or bro when reffering to a friend. Mostly used in new zealand by boys. In replacement of 'BRO'
Ezra: we got a game on wednesday gee
Keanu: churr breather ;)
by mother of god ;) September 02, 2012
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A person who makes no earthly contribution to life. They stand, sit or lay around doing nothing except putting down others that have done something in life. They take up too much oxygen breathing my air.
Man, Rick talks about everybody and has not done anything in life worth a hill a beans - he is such a breather.
by Kathylu May 26, 2010
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Guys that are looking for a fight
It sucked at the club last night, nothing but a bunch of breathers looking to start some static.
by Schmoog October 02, 2007
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One that breathes heavily. Breathers are common on x-box live due to the close proximity of the headset to the mouth.

That kid needs to turn off his headset because he is breathing into it really loud. fuckin' breather.
by Stash Master February 19, 2007
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An unusually large bowel movement; so large part of it extends beyond the surface of water in the toilet bowl. Feces in this situation is said to be "breathing" or a "breather" as it appears to be coming up for air.
"I ate a bowl of Kashi last night and just dropped a huge breather."
by AaronLPeterson January 23, 2009
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