An unusually large bowel movement; so large part of it extends beyond the surface of water in the toilet bowl. Feces in this situation is said to be "breathing" or a "breather" as it appears to be coming up for air.
"I ate a bowl of Kashi last night and just dropped a huge breather."
by AaronLPeterson January 23, 2009
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Guys that are looking for a fight
It sucked at the club last night, nothing but a bunch of breathers looking to start some static.
by Schmoog October 02, 2007
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To call someone inadequate or ugly. Originating from the phrase "Geox the shoes that breath". Commonly used as an insult.
"Hey man you're such a breather"

"OMG she breathes, what a breather"
by eat628 October 30, 2012
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Usually some guy who smashes Waikatos with some weird ass name. Lives and breathes the boys. Uses local slang like "Chur" and "safe". Thinks everything is grouse. Out the gate music taste but people don't seem to mind Hard bass. Joyful.
Aiden: Chur breather, you're the next best thing since sliced bread!
Deano: Tumeke my bro.
by Breatheren March 23, 2020
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The act removing one's pants (or watching others remove pants) in a strip club, bar, Chase Park Plaza lobby, or other public setting. Technical term appropriately applied to Lt. Governors of Midwestern States.
Pete decided he needed to take a breather at Verlin's after his fundraising calls went poorly that day.

see KMOX nes August 26, 2011
by humphrey smith August 26, 2011
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Breathers are those annoying non smoking or ex smokers that have to bitch about everything and everyone that smokes, where they smoke, when they smoke, and how they are affecting their health. Boo Hoo
Those breathers over there are giving us a dirty look for smoking.
If those breathers wave their hand at my smoke one more time there is going to be some toe meeting some teeth.
by D. Kulma October 08, 2007
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1. A breather is short for poopbreather.
2. Someone who has the breath of poop.
3. One who breathe's poop.
Fred was such a breather yesterday.
by joe kendall September 05, 2004
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