A classic RPG from Super Nintendo re-released on Game Boy Advance in 2001. Breath of Fire plays out like a classic story of good vs. evil in a medieval setting in which a young dragon warrior named Ryu and his 7 friends fight to take the world back from the evil dark dragon clan and prevent them from unleashing the evil Goddess upon the world.
Breath of Fire is one of the most moving RPGs of all time. I really fell in love with the characters.
by Zenigundam June 5, 2009
Placing a bag of cocaine over one's head, such that all the cocaine within must be snorted before air can be inhaled.
Vic was so bummed by the bad news he started breathing in fire
by TheGoyWonder June 3, 2017
A game that is the essence of perfection. It is the only perfect video game I have played. It is flawless. Classic old-school look and feel. Lots of cool characters. And above all, an original story that doesn't involve evil plots or saving the world. And we can't forget the awesome soundtrack this game has. Everyone should be required to play and like this game.
I played through Breath of Fire 3 several times, and it never gets old!
by Sand June 22, 2005
This is the fourth installment to the wonderful RPG series known as Breath of Fire. In this installment, the story takes place, not around Ryu, but around Nina, a princess of Wyndia, who is searching for her missing sister alongside Cray, a member of a Tiger-like race known as the Woren. Nina encounters Ryu shortly after the game begins, and as time goes on you will learn more about who he is.. and about a person named Fou-lu, who seems to share many things with young Ryu. I highly recommend this game to anyone, it is available for the Playstation console.
by Rand Lightfellow August 19, 2005
To smoke so much weed your throat stings like fire, usually from coughing. It is usually paired with Fireball Whiskey, giving an absolute throat flame, and a great time
by TheyCallMeMcRib January 7, 2019
That burning feeling some people get in their throat and/or chest when they drink a strong alcoholic beverage
I poured two fingers of whiskey, drank it all, and breathed fire for a bit.
by Nualla August 11, 2011
Use this sexual technique to spice things up in bed. While performing oral sex, a man applies a tablespoon (or as much sauce as necessary) of Buffalo Wild Wings Mild Hot Sauce to the palm of his hand. He then continues to lather it on his scrotum pole until the entirety of the shaft is orange in color. He then screams a ferocious roar (replicating the mating call of a Buffalo) and inserts his penis into the mouth of the female. He will then hold her head down on his penis in a way where she is unable to move her head. When he has reached the point of the climax, he will ejaculate in the female’s mouth, while dipping his fingers in the excess sauce to rub in the female’s eyes (or slapping her across the face with the sauce while saying “ I like your cut g.”). The immense pain from the hot sauce in the woman’s eyes will cause her to scream, releasing the breath of fire, while also releasing a booming roar (sounding similar to that of the mating call of a female Buffalo). Therefore comes the name The Buffalo Wild Wings Breath of Fire.
“Bro, I had leftover sauce from B Dubs so I got home and gave my girl The Buffalo Wild Wings Breath of Fire!”
by zachoconnell December 5, 2020