N. a red-tailed fish (魴)
"The bream is showing is showing its tail all red;
The royal House is like a blazing fire.

Though it be like a blazing fire,
Your parents are very near."
-- Classics of Poetry
by kong_says March 17, 2016
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A term used to describe a person.

In ANY context, thats it!
by BlGBUCK August 7, 2009
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BREAMS is an acronym which stands for BReakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System, Very Similar To Toyota's BEAMS Engine, But The BREAMS Engine Does Not Use Air, Fuel Or Oil.
It Replaces Air With CuRRySTEam, And Fuel And Oil Are Replaced With CuRRy.

Engine Specifications: 1988cc 4-Cylinder Inline Engine
Max Power: Dunno
Max Torque: Notmuch..
Compression Ratio: 10CuRRys : 1CuRRys
CuRRy Capacity: 4.5L
CuRRy Tank Capacity: 64L
CuRRy Level: 9999999999999.4
* Exhaust note sounds like CuRRy beyond 5,000 RPM
i got the altezza bro with the BREAMS motor bro BREAMS SHE GOES FUCKING HARD, I WAS TAPPING 45 IN 6TH GEAR BRO
by BREAMSBRO October 5, 2013
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Have you ever woken up in the night thinking you've shit yourself ? Well if you have you've suffered a bream... A brown dream !
" Dave, I had my first ever bream last night. It left a butterfly on my bed sheets ! "
by Panda Killah October 1, 2014
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Sea Bream are very large firm-fleshed white women who inhabit Britains clubs and are often encountered on a night out. Even when drunk it is not advised to swim with these beasties!!
Lewis "Oh no shanes caught a Sea Bream!!"

Will "He will regret that in the morning!"
by Davdk October 21, 2011
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A pond dwelling sunfish so flat and large you have to press it up against your chest to get the hook out.
Jeff caught himself a stringer full of Titty Bream on the pond tis morning.
by Harry Biggerstaff January 5, 2020
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Bream, AKA Cardiac Arrest Drink, is a mixture of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid, White Monster energy, Watermelon Bang Energy Drink, Blue Raspberry Slushy, Melted Down Warheads Candy, and (optionally, for extra organ failure) Crystal Meth. It is served in a red plastic cup.
Reed: "Bro lets go make Bream"
Jacob: "Fuck yeah!"
by Ozzyisoutofplace May 11, 2022
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