Guy1: Hey braz

Guy2: Oh hey braz. Sup?

Guy1: Nm braz

Guy2: Ok braz
by Jimmy Man January 3, 2011
A nickname for a hot, busty Brazilian woman.
Check out that Braz over there with a fat ass and nice tan.
by MrOrlando July 27, 2022
The best br style intro maker out there
Dude 1: Yo that Braz intro was sick
Dude 2: Yo better than ur moms pussy xddd
by boon koomerlang February 4, 2016
The nigga who took your bitch and piped Multiple times!
Braz was fucking this guys girl who he used to be best friends with senior year!
by Mr. evil0219 September 11, 2019
this word is used in place place of anything you call your mates. it means bro, which originated from the lebs, so it was changed by the aussies first to bra, then braz. mayoh sez this word alot
tommo: mayoh you gettin pissed at berkleys satdy nite?
mayoh: yeh braz
by benjohnson April 29, 2005