One that lies within the Ole Miss soccer family. It is not only a privilege, but a duty to put everything they have, and leave it on that field. It is an honor to wear the shield, but one that is not taken for granted. A brawler is a fighter, a warrior, a winner.
I'm scared of that team, especially the brawlers.
by mmmdzle October 04, 2018
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A transexual term where a group of transgenders get together in a cricket ground to clap and cheer for a Versatile Team. If a versatiel bowls a ball, the Brawler focuses on the Versatile's genitals to measure the size of "BALLS" the team has since they challenged the Brawlers gender.
Brawler Theme song: Zara zara touch me touch me touch me, Zara zara kiss me kiss me kiss me.
by PHADDAYBAAZ June 25, 2010
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AKA Steve Lombardi AKA Doink the Clown AKA Kim Chee. Refers to an old WWE wrestler known as Brooklyn Brawler, who constantly lost his matches. Often got made fun of on John Cena's classic web-show, 5 Questions. His face was also used to censor John Cena's cursing during the course of the show.
1. "You stupid son of a *brawler*. I hate you." - John Cena to Steve Lombardi

2. "Oh, what a stupid Brawler."

3. "He's as gay as Steve Lombardi, aka Doink the Clown, aka Brooklyn Brawler aka Kim Chee!"
by rkocena October 31, 2008
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A preditor that uses friendly team sport environments to find easy targets for fighting challenges. “Enjoy the game tonight lads but be mindful of that number 7, he looks like a bayside brawler
Enjoy the game tonight lads but be mindful of that number 7, he looks like a bayside brawler
by Louik December 10, 2018
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a short or avg. height girl who is extremely aggressive and in most cases quite athletic and strong. always a bitch and sometimes a butch.
an aggressive girl who is flimsy won't do, she has to be physically thick like a tree trunk in that she will always bark a tough game and in many cases bite a vicious game as well.
Bruce Lee: aiyo homey, why didnt you stand up to that bitch?
Jose Contreras: u must be jonin! she's a fuckin' brontosaurus brawler, she could take on the Bears O-line for chrissake.
by benny b from the bronx October 21, 2004
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Anyone who starts a fight or brawl in a bar or pub and doesn't take it outside where he might get beaten up before bouncers can break it up.
'He reckons he's so tough, but he's just a barroom brawler, and wouldn't last a minute out on the streets.'
by Wardswords September 15, 2017
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