Someone who is at war (or battle) with the highway. Truckers, Road Warriors.
That trucker is a real Highway Brawler, he is constantly putting in 16-18 hr days behind the wheel. Beating the road into submission.
by tuckerjones May 29, 2018
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Pronounced (Frawler)

Someone who not only copies all the words you say but also goes to the same websites you showed him, buys all the same video games you have, watches to the same youtube videos you watch, and shows them to his friends and takes credit when you actually found all of them.
You started going to, your friend saw you. Next day at school your friend shows the computer class and everyone is like "wow your so cool." Then your like "Fucking FRWL Brawler!"
by Morshu The Shopkeep May 10, 2009
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The best character in Smash. Nair, SAK, Thrupper, FJ, Brawler is master of all.

Except HOA. Don't use HOA.
A 3131 Mii Brawler clapped me online today. I am going to sit and cry.
by joojabio January 05, 2021
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The infamous act during oral sex in which just before climax, the male recieving the pleasure removes his phallus grabs the head of "oral-ing" partner, and proceeds to bash the head of said partner onto ones knee, rendering said partner unconscious.

Then, while the "oral-er" is out of consciousness, the once reciever concludes the act with a sweet sweet facial of said partner!

Brooklyn brawler? Oh man, this one didn't turn out well.
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