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From the NATO phonetic alphabet often used in military slang, meaning "buddy fucker" or someone who intentionally finds pleasure in getting a fellow soldier in trouble with a higher ranking soldier.
Captain: Pvt. Paladin you better come clean on who's been fucking around with Pvt. Robin.

Pvt. Paladin: If I did sir, I would be considered a bravo foxtrot, you know a buddy fucker.

Captain: You don't have to tell me then. I already know. It was Sergeant Wakeup and it happened at the Y in town, wasn't it.
by The_Paladin_Houston August 04, 2009
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A U.S. Army definition synonymous with "Blue Falcon," and like such, means "Buddy Fucker."
Jonesy: You're not a Bravo Foxtrot, are you? I need to buy a pack, so don't be a Bravo Foxtrot and tell on me, okay?

Jamesy: Okay, Jonesy, you know I'm not. We are like brothers!
by Jay-2-tha-M May 01, 2008
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