The ability to combat an oppressive party or idea with sheer will and determination.
Althought the Clinton supporters fought long and hard to shut down the #MAGA movment, the people refused to stand down and showed Braver for their ideals.
by Suchuuato June 9, 2017
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One Who Shows an Example of Braveness, from in WICKED: The Musical
And Glinda dear, we're happy for you! As Press Secretary, I have striven to ensure that all of Oz knows the story of your braverism
by lalalalalaITSLATEineedthisWORD September 21, 2010
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Someone who doesn't want to be labeled as a raver because they are better than that.
I used to be a raver, but now I'm a braver. I've evolved beyond the scene.
by Riot Momma September 22, 2013
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a phrase used to describe how brave/risky someone is
girl #1: i heard that samantha kept her baby!

girl #2: a teen mom? sis is braver than the marines.
by rollerchloster July 19, 2018
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when kim jiwon said 보고싶다야 to hanbin.

-wow bobby is braver than the marines
by kimisalegend October 22, 2019
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