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Glinda or Galinda,The Good Witch of the North. First created by L.Frank.Baum in his novel "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". Then created as Galinda/Glinda in Gregory Maguire's novel "Wicked", which was created into the broadway musical WICKED protrayed by Kristen Chenoweth.
Look it's glinda
Glinda: It's good to see me isn't it!
by Wicked1 May 14, 2006
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From film "The Wizard of Oz," and "Oz the Great and Powerful." Glinda
The good witch or "Sorceress" of the south.

She is the most powerful sorceress
of Oz, ruler of the Quadling Country south of the

Emerald City, and protector of Princess Ozma.
Glinda's knowledge and command of magic surpassed that
of a witch. She also employs a large army of soldiers. Glinda is strongly protective of her subjects in the South. She creates gated communities. One of the more obscure facts about Glinda is that she created the Forbidden Fountain with the Waters of Oblivion, at the center of Oz.
Glinda is quirky and bubbly, always wise and resolute.
Glinda the good witch quotes:
"You're capable of more than you know.."

as the bubbles are flying towards the shield "The shield allows a good-hearted person to pass."
by Greatness Film March 28, 2013
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