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A conflicting term introduced by Hollywood and Military wannabes. In mediocre movies, the phrase is said to acknowledge a response on the radio. In actuality, "Over" means that you have heard the message and expect a reply while "Out" means that you have heard the message but you are ending the conversation.
Soldier 1 : "Eh Sergeant, didn't that Corporal fail his radio test?"
Soldier 2 : "That Chuck Norris addict said 'Over and Out' like the Holly-fucking-wood movie!"
by The Legendary October 16, 2014
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A informal military radio term commonly used in Hollywood movies. The term is not used in actual military use because it is a paradoxical term. The term, imformally speaking, means, β€œtalk to you later”.
by Fujirose April 22, 2018
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an informal way of saying 'bye'.
often used in the armed forces, followed by a salute.
Also works well with a wink... ;)

Person 1: "was nice talking, will see you tomorrow"
Person 2: "yes mate... over and out ;)"
by Shane Acton :P September 28, 2006
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Slang for official military language. In layman terms: Over. This means I sent my message (over) and am waiting for a response. But, I actually don't want a response from you, because I am quite impatient and most likely angry, which is why I quickly follow up with (out). Over and Out = my rant is finished. Let's not talk for a while.
by Erik70 April 20, 2017
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"I'm done talking and I'm outa here.".

In radio communications, over means you are finished speaking and expect a reply, and out means you are finised speaking and the conversation is complete. Usually using these together is not technically correct, and pendantic fucks like to gloat like little bitchs that they are just too cool for school because they are not creative enough to imagine a situation where it would be correct.

however, the following example shows a situation where it is basically correct. take that you little snitch pedants!!1
Commercial 43 to base, over...... Base, go ahead commercial 43, over...... I am 10-76 with a party of 12 to West Mountain summit. My radio will die any second, it's my fault, sorry. Over and out.....copy, com<<radio dies>>mercial 43, 13:12, out.
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