one of the sweetest kindest guys on the planet. he is the kind of guy that is so easy to talk to even if you dont know him very well. he shows you that he cares and he is tall. hes got really pretty eyes and a super deep voice. he makes my insides melt with just one look.
by snowflake_show_girl October 21, 2010
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a bad bitch thats going to die from the fumes of dill pickle pringles 😵
Brantley is dead
by Btanrhehhe May 23, 2020
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Tall, handsome, big luscious lips, he makes your heart melt on an everyday basis. The best boyfriend you could possibly have, he tells your beautiful and that he wants to cuddle. He is also hot, caring, charming, lovable, and just the best guy ever. Has a big dick and hes just looking for the perfect girl to share his love with!
Girl 1: Look at that dude hes so hot!

Girl 2: Hes a total Brantley
by Rbrbrb121212 August 10, 2017
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Brantley is the type of guy who is a total asshole. He tends to boast about his political opinions. He also brags about his dick size
God Brantley was being a dick last night

Person one: Do you know that guy who talks about is size a lot?

Person two: yeah his name is Brantley
by TheLessFamousLiz November 06, 2018
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The hottest boy you will meet you want to fall in love with him right when you meet him he has great pretty blue eyes and his hair is great
i love Brantley
by Shy on yt October 08, 2020
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