Lead singer of The Killers as well as synth player for the band
Originally from Las Vegas
Displays a penchant for eyeliner
Is claimed by some as a "GOD"
"omg! Brandon Flowers is a sex GOD"
by mel March 20, 2005
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The vox/synth of The Killers(the most awesome band EVER!) and Brandon Flowers really adds a lot of oomph to the band with his ridiculous moves onstage and his extreame hotness. He's also a metro-sexual and is trying to bring back boat shoes!
That Brandon Flowers is such a hottie!
by moogoesthecow7 August 26, 2005
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The lead singer and pianist of The Killers. Also the hottest man alive and a musical genius. He was born on June 21 1981. He was born in las vegas moved to Utah when he was 8 moved back to vegas his junior year of high school and now has moved back to Utah. He is mormon and has 4 sisters and 1 brother while he is the youngest. He loves humus and his teeth are fake because when he had braces as a teenager when they took them off pieces of his teeth came with them so they put fake ones in that has become his amazing pearly white smile. He has a wife and 3 boys. Also did I mention that he is the hottest man ever and he has the most beautiful voice ever and he is really hot i mean REEEEAAAALLLLY HOT. Also really cut and adorable and shy. He also has big and really AMAZING biceps.
I love Brandon Flowers. I will meet Brandon Flowers one day and then i will die because the excitement and Brandon Flowers amazing voice, looks, biceps, and personality will be to strong for me so I will just die.
by I Love Brandon Flowers November 12, 2017
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Brandon Flowers: No1 enemy of Pete Wentz!
If Pete Wentz and Brandon Flowers ever had dinner together,it would go this way:
It would be awkward until they both got really drunk,then they'd discuss how they both feel they're a passing fad and will be forgotten about in two years,and then they'll cry and their eyeliner will run and streak,and then they'll sloppilly make out and Pete will suck Brandon off in the bathroom (one of those on-off affairs where you turn on the light and people have to wait in line) and then Pete will blog about it.
Woah,me *thinks* that is a good definition of Brandon Flowers.
Brandon Flowers: the person most likely to steal Ian Watkins crown of "I'm not gay! I just look,talk and act gay!"
by bandanasarerad August 21, 2006
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The biggest tool in the world, and main vocalist of The Killers. Seriously. This man(?) has single-handedly mutilated the art of music and then called bands like The Bravery "posers" and claiming that people such as Kurt Cobain "took the fun out of rock and roll." Therefore, I nominate Brandon "the murderer" Flowers for biggest douche in the universe.
"Brandon Flowers is a little girl with a beard..."

~Sam Endicott, lead vocalist of The Bravery
by Ninjarachnid February 7, 2010
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Brandon Flowers is such a gay-ass name that he had to make a band with an equally retarded name called "the Killers" because they're so super creative and original when it comes to names, such as Brandon Flowers.
by fgsfdsMASTER February 18, 2009
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