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A kickass band that does what some people would call "dance punk", also, they have almost a sorta Eighties sound to them.
Hey, aren't the bravery coming to San Francisco?
by woeismee April 04, 2005
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“Where did you go after we left the pub?”
Dunno, CRAFT.”
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A band that includes synths in it. Good band.
Kid 1: Heard of the bravery kid 2?
Kid 2: Yeah, but they're hooking up with mtv..
Kid 1: Sigh.
by Moon Biscuit April 10, 2005
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A poser-esque band from New York that is capitalizing on the success of synth-driven bands such as The Killers. The band is headed by Sam Endicott, who likes to talk badly about other bands (examples: The Killers and Duran Duran) and promote his hardcore image. However, in spite of all of that, their music is still quite good so they are not despised by everyone in the music community. Good for them.
too many fingers, too many thumbs
something wicked this way comes
the best time i ever had
waiting around for something bad
by toohardcoreforyou May 01, 2005
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A synth/post-punk revival band from new york. That was really sucky when they made their major label debut. Honest mistake is one the worst songs ever. Its reminisant of a cat singing. Its called honest mistake because that's what it was.on the next album believe was a big hit. But why listen to that when the killers are doing better. Their latest album stir the blood is when they finnaly stop being so crappy. Slow poison is a good song. The second single was good to.
Man the bravery sucked on their first two albums. Hell yeah! But stir the blood is pretty good.
by sage thunder March 19, 2010
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