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The vox/synth of The Killers(the most awesome band EVER!) and Brandon Flowers really adds a lot of oomph to the band with his ridiculous moves onstage and his extreame hotness. He's also a metro-sexual and is trying to bring back boat shoes!
That Brandon Flowers is such a hottie!
by moogoesthecow7 August 25, 2005
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My personal favorite band, they are synth-rock in there 1st album "Hot Fuss" but supposedly leaving the snyth to someone else and are going to me more "organic with more organs". Their influences are mostly 80's bands and it is reflected in there music...oh and...TO ALL YOU LAME FUCKERS WHO THOUGHT THEY SUCK...WELL THEY DONT....SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!
person 1: omg, I got tickets to go see The Killers!
person 2:OMG, you get to see the sexiest band ever...no way!
person 1: Cheyea!
by moogoesthecow7 August 29, 2005
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