A sweet, funnily awkward type of girl. While most Kaelies are very innocent, they all have their wild side. Usually quite pretty, (though unaware of it) Kaelies are the kindest heartbreakers. Most Kaelies are unique and artsy, with a passion for helping people. You don't gain a kaelie's trust easily, but once you do they're the most loyal friends. Kaelie's are good liars, though looking into ones beautiful eyes you're sure you've seen their true souls. Crippled by low self esteem and doubt, Kaelies will never truly realize how beautiful they really are, inside and out.
Chuck: "Dude who's the new girl"
Caleb: "I met her last week volunteering at the animal shelter, she's definitely a Kaelie"
by A friend xo April 21, 2013
Kid 1: have you heard of Kaelie? Kid 2: yeah she is dope as heck.
by K A E L I E🔥 October 29, 2019
a girl who is fucking hilarious who everyone loves ;)
Wow everyone loves her she's such a Kaelie
by Banxshee May 20, 2016
generally pretty person who is sometimes extremely funny.. usually very smart and fun to be around, very good girlfriend material, often a good person to be around. she is a good girl to bring home to meet your family
that girl is perfect.. shes a kaely
by Drs2145 July 6, 2009
On of the sweetest most loving people you will meet, shes a little shy at first but if you get to know her she can the funniest and most outgoing person in a group. Shes can also be one of the most badass people you will ever meet, she sticks up for her friends and never deals with anyones bullshit.
Damn that girls a badass she must be a kaely
by Damn just date me already November 21, 2018
Waiting so long to resolve a problem or a situation until it is no longer possible to rectify the problem or issue completely and irreversible damage has occurred.
Person A: Dude, my car's engine is totally busted.
Person B: Yeah, well, if you drive 20,000 miles without changing the oil, you're gonna kaeli it.

Person A: I totally kaelied my hand by not going to the ER after breaking it and waiting for it to heal by itself.
by CHEINS November 22, 2011