4 definitions by Random Jones

The gorgeous and talented lead singer of the band Incubus. Has the most beautiful voice in rock music. Writes some of the best songs known to man.
Brandon Boyd is the one of the most amazing musicians on the planet.
by Random Jones August 27, 2005
contrary to popular belief, the term n stain actually refers to the racist assholes who like to use the word "nigger". for a prime example, see the detinition above.
person 1-- "dude, listen to this asshole. he's the real n stain"
person 2-- "word"
by Random Jones September 11, 2005
The lead singer of the nu-metal band Korn. He rocks. Enough said.
All Korn haters can go screw themselves for all I care.
by Random Jones August 27, 2005
The awesome actor who played Napoleon Dynamite. (and no, he did NOT die in a car crash, thank you very much!)
"Dude, that John Heder guy is flippin' sweet!"

by Random Jones August 27, 2005