slang for male genitilia.
girl #1 "he's as tall as a tree"
girl #2 "yes and all I'm interested in is his branch!"
by readmymind May 01, 2007
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An unacceptably large stem in a bag of marijuana.
person 1 "what the hell is this"

person 2 "What, it wheighed out"

person 1 "of course it weighs out there's
freakin branch in there"
by eminentarson April 08, 2009
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(n.) A bud from the marijuana plant
"Grab a branch from your stash and lets light one up" - Kottonmouth Kings: Light It Up
by tajwk December 16, 2005
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A term used to describe the condition of one's eyes after they've smoked cannabis. Due to the sudden formation of blood vessels on the sclera, the rapid outburst of capillaries then begin to look like "branches". In extreme cases, such as when one has a subconjunctival hemorrhage, the branches then start to look like either bushes, or extremely thick vines, in which case the term would be changed to "vines".
Chris: "dude, how are my eyes?".

Roger: "....dude, you have branches LOL".

Chris: "fuck! dude give me the drops!".
by Gnomeweed April 02, 2010
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Referring to pathetically thin limbs on a human.
Yo, I was at the gym today and this biznikkle was working out next to me. You should have seen his branches. Just branched-out he was.
by Izzy1979 August 22, 2006
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To mix water in your alcohol or liquor to prevent you from getting a hangover.
Man#1 Hey, you wanna mix that vodka with a little bit of sprite?

Man#2 Naw, I'm drankin' this shit branch so I don't get a headache.
by Boo & Brasen March 15, 2009
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A very sexy, elegant, and expensive photo prop
Claire looked so rich and sophisticated with the branchs in her pictures, thanks colored man!
by Daywalker September 07, 2003
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