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Quite frankley one of the skankiest areas of Leeds, full of scroungers, druggies & the occssional glue sniffer. Not one person is employed in the area, well legally anyway. The highlight of Bramley, and the best part by far is the road out of there.
Dave...FFS a bird has shat all over my car

Alex....Best move to Bramley where even the birds fly upside down because there is nothing worth shitting on.
by monkeychopslovesyou November 18, 2010
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One of the most charismatic villages in hampshire. Its lovely village greens, parks and pubs make it some what of a social hub for anyone worth speaking of in and around the basingstoke area. Its clean well lit roads, charming population and conviniently placed train station make it an ideal and convinent location for anyone to live or do buisness.
Person one: Where shall we go today.

Person two: Lets go to bramley where we can relax and do numerous enjoyable activities.

person one: what a fantastic idea !!!
by Lionel H April 14, 2011
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To crumble under the slightest of pressure.

From Bramley apples, commonly used in apple crumbles.
Ed: Mate, how'd that job interview go?
Tim: Terrible, I totally fucking Bramley'd.
by Crumble Commander May 13, 2016
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