Protector, explorer, survivor, coloniser of waste ground; fixes nitrogen in the earth, and provides shelter for new trees to take root and grow. Provides cover and food for animals and insects, the blackberry is very nutritious to all.
The bramble has colonised the waste ground providing nature's nursery from which new trees can seed and grow into beautiful woodland habitat, benefiting many systems of existence.
by fkmonsta February 5, 2010
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Excessive amount of neck hair that accumulates in between hair cuts.
"Hey Adam, can you cut my bramble? That worthless excuse for a hairstylist, Jodi forgot to line me up.

...Ohh yeah, take a seat on that that toilet, bro"
by Itsmeetrain September 30, 2009
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To be an enthusiastic retard with an annoying personality with an even more annoying laugh
"Why are you behaving so Bramble all of a sudden??? "

"Bro, stop Brambling"

"That weed Brambled the fuck out of me"
by lolmania September 23, 2014
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The exact embodiment of chemistry itself. single handedly, he discovered all forms of science. He is God

He has never had a midlife crisis because his life is amazing
Greetings Mr. Bramble, my lord and savior
by OmniPresident April 5, 2018
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1. (n) A threat by your girlfriend to be punched in the a**hole.

2. (v) To be punched in the a**hole by your girlfriend
Dude, she was so pissed last night, he totally got brambled.
by kd768 March 27, 2011
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The process of a seemingly heterosexual male discovering his sexuality and converting to homosexuality with a strong preference for petite Asian males.
Comment: I can’t believe it. Matt was hanging out with us last week watching football, and now all he can think about are these tiny Asian boys.

Response: I know man, he’s brambling.
by JShots February 20, 2019
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(1) To benefit from a slack piece of defending.

(2) To be raped
(1) I brambled in the first goal after the defender bumped into Jean-Alain Boumsong and fell over.

(2) Someone call the police! I've just been brambled.
by Meliquiades September 23, 2010
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