Using the brakes. Going bra-less. Not wearing any form of support because your breasts are just so firm and perky.
"Hey Kellie what are you wearing to the cookout on Saturday?"
"Well, I've decided to wear that new purple top I bought and I'm definately going brakes. These boobs won't hold themselves up forever."
"Aw, I wish I could do that, my boobs just aren't as perky as yours. You are so lucky!"
by LindaLou February 10, 2012
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Dont hold back, go full throttle in everything you do, never back down, speak your mind and don't be silenced.
Don't hold back No Brakes all the way!
by Jesstryme7 December 30, 2017
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When a driver fails to use their brakes when a crash is happening ahead of them. Usage started in the late 90's when ARCA (Automobile Racing Club of America) was first aired along side NASCAR Winston and Busch series races and viewers noticed that when a wreck happened in front of the entire field, nobody even attempted to stop. The term is now used to reference easily avoidable crashes in videogames and racing simulators such as Forza Motorsport and iRacing.
*Car spins in the middle of the track but can be avoided.

*everybody floors it and hopes to get though but instead causes a huge wreck taking everybody out.

"Wow nice ARCA brakes asshole."
by STICH666 December 21, 2011
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The passenger brake is the nonexistant brake pedal located on the floor of the passenger (shotgun) side of the front seat of your car.

It is used instinctively by the passenger when the driver is driving insanely too fast, and the car needs to come quickly to a stop, which may not seem very possible at that particular moment.

It is sometimes used in conjunction with the OH SHIT handle by the passenger door.
Doris was using her passenger brake all the freaking way here. She's the one who made us late getting started from home by taking so long to get herself ready! I was just trying to make up some time getting through traffic...
by Edward in Oil City November 1, 2007
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Stopping fast on the road to spite the guy behind you. If it works out in your favor, it'll scare him shitless and he'll leave more room between you guys. If it works out the wrong way, your car is getting rear ended and damaged. Wouldn't recommend it
I brake checked a bus last night to send a message and ended up in the hospital.
by Rojava December 21, 2019
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1. When you have done too much cocaine and you need to use a downer to even you out
2. Similar to a sniff safe, a fail safe against a bad comedown from cocaine, the blow brake is used to slow you down when you're too high.
Friend 1: What's the matter with you?
Friend 2: Dude my heart is racing, I think I might be od'in.
Friend 1: Just relax man, you're fine.
Friend 2: No man I'm grindin my teeth dull in there, people probably think I'm a scumbag coke head. Dude, engage the blow brake.
Friend 1: Alright man four beers comin right up!
by brohan Sebastian Bach February 28, 2011
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