A girl who closely resembles a boy.
also Girl boy, a boy who resembles a girl.
Why is that boy wearing a skirt?..oh...its a boy girl.
by RB November 28, 2003
Someone who you can't tell if it's a boy or girl. usually has long hair, but not too long, and man/normal boobs.
Daniel/Dannielle who stalks us at lunch. who also always has 'white stuff' on his/her fly area.
by ~bLiSs~ February 21, 2005
A sexual fetish in the bdsm community where one or both of the parties dress and/or act like a child or much younger than they really are.
"My partner is a boy/girl. It's so hawt(cute)!"
by Salt&HolyWater February 5, 2018
Two bags, one of cocaine and the other of crack, tied together in the middle, resulting in a "boy girl". Size is irrelevant to the term.
Dealer: "Yo, what up, I got 20 bags of dope n 4 boy girls...maybe bout 2 grams! I'll hook ya up"
Innocent kid: "Quit pushing on me man! I'm just a kid with a future!"
by GC PC August 24, 2005
A term of fondness for a character, most often from an anime, but the terms moved to other fandoms.
Some examples of how best boy/girl can be used.

Anime example: Omg!! Kirishima is best boy!!

Other fandom example: I think that Ginny from Harry Potter is best boy!!
by Kirishima! March 20, 2019
Mostly used by Asian Aunties when talking to a young boy/girl that they don't know.

Also used by Asian moms to call their son/daughter.
by DatBoiBoay November 1, 2020
Adj. Someone who enjoys ska music. Usually associated with the checkered pattern. Also see skank and rudie
If you go to a Less Than Jake concert you'll see plenty of rude boys/girls.
by SkaQueen August 17, 2003