When a female thinks too much like a male for males to be attracted to her.
Megan is so boy cool, with her short hair and crude sense of humor. I was interested at first, but now I think I'll have to look elsewhere.
by Twin Shot April 26, 2012
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One of twelve hilarious guys who continue to roast each other on the daily
Nick: Did you see the cool boy walking down the hall?
Griffin: Yeah, I wish I could be one of them...
by Jimbo2568647 October 11, 2017
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An exclusive group where 12 people roast each other on the daily
I was crying when I saw what they said about me on cool boys
by Jimbo2568647 October 11, 2017
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The guy who be jealous of his friend's status and tries to humiliate him in public.
Why you tryna insult Can, are you a"cool boy remover"?
by cbattal September 14, 2020
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refers to a male person of chinese decent who displays great amounts of flamboyance. Does not neccessarily need to be chinese. can be of any asian race.
Look at jerry that chinese mother fucker dancing over there. he is such a chinese cool boy.
by mojadoman October 14, 2011
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Cool Boi Is Such A Virgin He Has Never Touched A Pussy
by Cool Virgin November 16, 2021
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