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A place that has no jukebox, its wack theres totally no music to download over there its all legit n shit like, dam.....


Yo where dat jukebox at b?

What jukebox?

by Tonysparkx October 27, 2011
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A website where white preteens pretend to be black thugs and call each other ni**as
Hey chad? What is up my boxden loving ni**a? Lets go to abercrombie in my dads toyota.
by Not afraid to act white September 04, 2010
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A place for honky's that get their asses kicked in real life go to have E-Power
Timmy got his ass kicked at school so he goes to Boxden and deletes post of black people because he's a mod
by Ronnie April 02, 2005
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A waste of internet. Disgrace to the internet in general.

Sometimes I wonder why this site is even still alive.

Where people argue about the stupidest crap.

For example, who's mixtape cover is better, even though people only listen to mixtapes for about a week then throw them out. So what's the point? Exactly.

And they have sections in the graphics section: Beginner, Intermediate, and Pro. Mostly consisted of mixtape covers and party flyers. It makes you bored.

Mostly consisted of Dipset lovers or any rapper from New York.

But those aren't the most important things to Boxden members.

Props! Oh yeah, those things. Basically, it's vBulletin's reputation system except it's rebranded. People upload files and expect props back, but that's not what happens in the real world. Then they cry about it if people view the thread like 64 times with no props. Well, here's my suggestion, GET A CLUE! No one likes what you have uploaded, so they left the thread without downloading your file. You happy?

In a nutshell, filled with hoodlums/wiggers who think they know everything but overall just a bunch of n00bs who need something better to do (like get laid or something).

If you want to go to college and actually make something of yourself, avoid Boxden!
Newcomer: Whaddup Boxden! I'm new!
Me: Save yourself and log off now!


Person One: Look at my newest mixtape cover.
Person Two: The text sucks
Me: All mixtape covers overall, why is this crap in the graphics section anyway?
Person 3: Umm, this pro work son!
Me: The hell? SMH.


Person 1: Yo! You hear that new dipset!?
Person 2: Which one?
Me: It's all the same crap. Cam'ron raps about donkeys, giraffes and lions and shit, what's the point of listening to it?


Person 1: I need help uninstalling a program off of Windows XP.
Person 2: Start > Add/Remove Programs
Person 1: Oh thanks.
Me: Please, die.
by infemeth August 17, 2006
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a place on the internet where people talk about rap and hip hop, discuss other things, get hacked, hated, dl music....the smart people on the site talk about how dipset have the greatest and smartest lyrics ever....also the site gets very fun wen the occasioanl gay odd couple join up and try to take over the fourm then break up and get banned.. mods gettin demodde for abusive power.......users upload a shit load of movie news that only gets a couple views in the movie fourm cause nobody goes there.....also sometimes you might get lucky nd have a rebel on other fourms such as *there*, the, and

ps...dipset have crappy lyrics
Fat guys and GZa fans fall in love on boxden.

Boxden > *there*

go to the movie fourm on boxden
by Propel Water April 23, 2005
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A site,where wiggas,terrorists(muslims) run around freely,mods abuse their powers.A place,for youngsters and e-thugs hang out.
Moose an Arab crusader constantly claims that Canada is "gully".Yet; he and other E-thugs like Bam West, Four Dub, Caliz Chump and Fat Joe always seem to go out of their way to intimidate other boxden members thought an LCD computer screen. Little Four Dub gets into an argument with Bam West, they claim they will settle their scores outside of the internet, yet at the end of each thread they kiss and make up.A.F.R.O makes countless of threads where they make fun of him, he then goes to a corner to cry and delete the thread.
by Maroon_Tiger April 11, 2005
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