da sexiest, buffest, chongest, evrything-est 16yr old..i wud say hes mine, but as every other person has said that, i think hes got wide selection of "his girls"....tho im obviously his no_1, lol. Dis boy is foiiiinnne.
brown smooth skin, hazel eyes, slick hair, perfect jawline, flawless lips....mmmmm
by bow wow is SEXY November 22, 2003
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the hottest guy ever!!! ;D and hes got talent too! lots of it!!!! point iz, he rox!!!! lolz =0
dudeee bow wow is the hottest guy ever!!!!!!!!!!! <333
by jdal;fkja;lks April 28, 2008
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hotter than hot brudda in da rap game wit hot lyrics and an even hotter body even hotter than b2k
When bow wow ripped off his shirt I just wanted to lick that six pack and his hard as rock pecs .
by girlygirl January 21, 2004
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