An ugly ass woman. Refers to someone with dog like features
Britney Spears is a real bowwow.
by collegewhore April 26, 2004
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Bitter Old Woman WithOut Wisdom
Driving down the street or going into stores, we see too many sour-pus old women. If they were smarter...hence, more wisdom....they would smile and "catch more bees with honey". Now you can say, "There goes a BOW-WOW".
by revdrrenee July 06, 2010
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1. A poor excuse for an alias. 2. The young rap singer who will die at age 21 from being an idiot. 3. Jerk who crashes a Range Rover.
"You probably heard of the young rap 'artist' named Bow Wow, who was at his peak in the latter half of 2005. No one knows what happened to him - some say he lives in a sewer. Others say he's gone from this world."
by Reno_13 October 21, 2005
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A 17 year old rapper who was discovered by snoop dogg when he was 5 years old. He grew up in columbus ohio and then moved 2 reynoldsberg and now resides in ohio. He is getting back w/ Jermaine Dupri for his 4th album, and regaining his old image bying back his hair, which is dum b/c j.d. said he needs his old image back for the kids that follow him...but LBW said this album will be directed towards the teens.The only reason he's sucessful is because of his damn good looks and his clothing line Shago.
i cant act but im cute so i am set for life!
by Asena July 28, 2004
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weak ass rapper who was kinda cute as a spoiled little shit but now is just straight WEAK
"man I can't believe that trip to the bathroom turned out. i beached a mean-ass bow wow in the potty"
by 2 pack shaker February 15, 2005
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