When it is made official that two people have decided to bond with a fist "pound." The declaration of the conscious decision to bond between two people with a knuckle-to-knuckle pound. When asked to "pound it" whilst forming a new bond.
We decided not to disturb them when we saw knuckles clap as we knew they were bounding.

The affirmation of a new friendship was apparent as they exclaimed, "Pound it!" while bounding.
by HaventDefectedYet June 03, 2017
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Bound is the word you use on people that deserve a title beyond sexy. To be bound is to be one of the hottest creatures on the Earth.
"bro sure she's hot but is she really worth it?"

"dude im going to the end of the world and back for her bro she aint just fine. she BOUND bro! I aint passin this up!"
by YoshiAirhead December 06, 2020
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1. Past tence of bind

2. A springy jump

3. On the way to somewhere

4. Limit of a property
1. They bound my hands together.

2. The dog went bounding after the ball.

3. We are bound for America.

4. We had gone out of bounds.
by SuperSonicFan April 11, 2004
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UK Slang-
Meaning you are on your way to a place.
Usually used in social networking sites.
Similiar phrases including "On route" "En route" and "Pon route"
On the way to the airport- Airport-Bound
On the way to Alton Towers - Towers-Bound
by smiler753 April 06, 2013
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Refers to a new love interest, normally male, who becomes increasingly attractive the more information you find out about them
Emily: ' I've just found out Matty snowboards!'
Mima: 'OMG! He's a nice guy and he bounds!
by jemmyduck January 09, 2017
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the act of doing the dirty in the storage closet of your highschool (if you do it in middle school, you're just a slut)
I got bound yesterday by my hot teacher, yo
by Jenaly August 13, 2007
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