One who takes off all of his/her clothes in order to take a dump.
"I pulled a Botta this morning before I took a shower"
by Your Fuqqin Boy April 18, 2009
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To turn a mistake, blunder or error into an overwhelming accomplishment. May be used as a noun or verb.
Yes, he may have cost the company thousands of dollars in lost man hours due to testing the completely wrong application suite. Not to Botta the situation, but at least that suite he did test is now 100% fool proof and bug free.
by Oxford Collegiate Scholar February 09, 2009
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one who botts. someone who likes to bott someone else, as opposed to a bottee - the one who is being botted.
can be derogatory meaning gay, queer, poof.
can be friendly meaning pal, buddy, mate.
"areet botta, it's mat, how ya doin?" (friendly)
"see that aidan, he's a right botta" (derogatory)
by Botta March 11, 2008
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This is a term used by Italion mafia types to express their opinion that whatever they are planning is going to be a snap.
Fat Tony: I think we should steal the money plate from the church.
Greasy Sal: Ya, we go in and Botta Bing Botta Boom and take all the money.
by Mojo Maniac July 22, 2008
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A very sexy f1 driver from Finland who Michael thinks is Spanish. I like his beard
“ Valtteri Bottas I think he’s Spanish, he should be called vincente bottas”-Michael 2021
by Ozzy230 January 21, 2021
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A phrase people say when they cannot understand a foreign language being spoken by a passerby to another person.
Me and my friend were walking down the street and we passed some Asians and they were speaking in Chinese or something. After they passed my friend said "Otta Botta Scotta".
by harrymang August 21, 2013
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When you don’t know how to spellGotta Blast” so you change both the letters to b and now it is a saying between you and your friends
Friend: who do you like?

Me: ...... BOTTA BLASY
by SweetCakes10950 October 03, 2017
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