Typically used to refer to a terrible player in the online game "Fortnite". This is regarded as one of the most toxic things you can call someone in "Fortnite".
Man Agony. and TTV jeffkfps are some bots.
by syxoh August 12, 2018
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A female or male who lacks social skills and the ability to have a dmc. Therefore making them a societal robot.

They may resort to looking at their phone when talking to you because they cannot think of anything to talk about. Don't confuse this with anxiety bots are just fucking retarded.

Their logic and reasoning is completely wrong and their sense of humour is absolutely vile.
Jessica why do you look at your phone all day?

Lol idk aha. 😂😂

You're such a BOT!
by GANGHAPS April 03, 2019
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Someone who is highly arrogant or up themselves. Constantly boasts about their achievements.
Guy 1: "I'm way too hot for her anyway"
Guy 2: "Bots guy"
by Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 13, 2010
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Big Old Titties - BOT BOT BOT ( o )( o )
"Sandra, your BOT are giving me a Full On Boner (FOB)"

*Please also refer to "BOTFOB" - a Big Old Tittie induced Full On Boner.
by David Benson-Phillips April 11, 2019
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A derogatory term used to describe a simple process truncated by complicated procedures. Also is used in response to a statement or question that one feels is arbitrary in value or merit.
Person 1: "Johnny, I want you to go send me over a report of all your daily activities, as well as your sales forecast for next week"
Person 2: "Bot"

Person 3: "Johnny, I'm sorry I haven't had time for you today, I was busy watching Lifetime movie marathon."

Person 2: "Bot"
by bankz316 January 12, 2011
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Shitty at everything. The same skill level as a bot in a video game
Nick sachetta is a bot. Kid is garbage at everything.
by BitchboyTamburri July 27, 2019
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