A Boss Bitch is a next level bitch . She ain't like them other bitches . She's a bitch that gets hers . She don't trip over basic bitches , she flies . Boss Bitches tend to be gorgous , magical beings and their eyebrows are on point 24/7 .
See that girl , she's a boss bitch , son !
by Crazycatlady27 January 29, 2016
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a person (woman or man) in charge of the lifestyle they claim to live. Someone who’s in charge of themselves and any BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION (official and unofficial)they are involved in.
Keshia is a my example of a BOSS BITCH! She knows what she wants, she gets what she wants and she’s ahead of the Joneses.

Hell, they’re trying to keep up with her! (Lol)
by Yourhighness92 January 9, 2020
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All women should strive to be as confident, independent, and successful as Terri Wall; she is such a Boss Bitch.
by YoursTruly9109 July 14, 2021
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Someone who acts like they know everything, and is a bitch. Commonly used by strong men named “Topher”. Alot of girls with the name “Rebecca” tend to be Boss Bitches.
Did she just kill me?? She’s a Boss Bitch.

Call me a bad word again, Boss Bitch.
by BigTopher November 4, 2020
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A female that is extremely successful, stunting, and has plenty of power.
You see that girl over there, she's a boss bitch.
by Denel June 9, 2006
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A female that runs shit. She eats the souls of basic bitches. You do not want to fuck with this girl because she will always come out on top. You will give her whatever she wants. If you come into contact with one you will become enamored with her. She always wins.
That nigga Drew has hit the Tinder lottery by swoopin himself up that boss bitch Miranda.
by MissMurda January 16, 2015
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A female human being or goddess who is above everything and everyone. She knows her worth and is never afraid to do things out of her way and mindset. She goes out to smack her goals and dreams and is proud to show and present it. She hates ordinary things, doesn't gossip and is always on top of her game. She plays in a league of her own. No one is able to reach her standards and she's often confronted with trash talk and jealousy. She doesn't need anybody to make her feel powerful, she just graps that shit and handles it like its nothing. She knows a lot of pain and is beautiful as hell!!
Look at her, she's the perfect symbiosis of a boss bitch and a goddess! She's hot as hell and sun combined. What a phenomenal creature...
by Flabs_ontop February 26, 2016
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