A baddie who doesn't take "no" for an answer!

Maddy: "Omg Samantha is such a boss bitch! She doesn't take no for an answer."
Shanequa: "I know... i once said no to her and she shoved a rock up my ass..."
by thischerrypopped127 March 07, 2021
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a cute girl who doesn't put up with any bullshit. usually, they aren't good at video games
Wow! She's a boss bitch
by kp0005822 June 12, 2021
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a trill bitch, a real bitch. One that I can chill and just be cool with. She savage , one that I can get a bag with.

I need me a smart bitch, good head, go dumb on the dick
-Rich the Kid
I need me a bitch that know some porn star shit
I need me a bitch right by my side gettin' rich (gettin' rich)
Need me a bitch that got baguettes on her wrist
by iminlovewithjamescharles June 14, 2021
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She will provide strategic leadership in global capital markets, financial planning and analysis, and the development and implementation of global integrated financial and accounting practices, systems, and programs.
Carol is just getting started as a Boss Bitch.
by Heyshakey March 17, 2021
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