5 definitions by NinjaMonkeyBallz420

Sticking your dick in the wall of the Alamo. The bullet holes covering the outer wall of the Alamo are tiny....proof that not everything is bigger in Texas!
"Just found me another Texas Gloryhole.....Yeee Haw!"
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 February 27, 2017
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Kayla. She straight owns the term, no denying. Migos should have to pay her royalties, but she's way too boujee to be seen in the same courtroom with his broke ass. Actual definition of a Boss Bitch. She has exquisite taste, and her manicures will break the bank. So that girl always got dank. A ruthless hustler, she'll serve up toothless customers, and always looks great. She moves weight in every State, but hates to wait, so don't call her until the money's straight. She's the only girl I'd ever try to date.
She moved my entire harvest, and it wasn't enough to pay for her nails... Kayla is Bad and Boujee.
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 May 6, 2019
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She got the hustle, that ass, she gets the money, and she always looks stunning. Kayla is a boss bitch ;)
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 August 10, 2018
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Drinking a vegan cappuccino at the wandering goat, usually as an excuse to conduct trap like activites. If it isn't the wandering goat then it sucks, and isn't trapaccino.
Person 1"Yo let's go to the goat and get that trapaccino."
Person 2 "Man you run that shit!"
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 October 14, 2015
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The group act of, well putting your dick in the mouth of a fish you or someone else has caught. An activity conducted in secret by groups of male friends who are always going "fishing". Fish dicking can be a solo adventure but is usually conducted by a group. Fish dickers like talking about fishing trips all the time, and generally drop bank on fish stuff. People who fish dick are constantly blowing off doing cool things such as going to the bar to find bitches, or attending a crunk ass show. Instead of doing something cool fish dickers are always insisting that they have to go fishing instead.
Guy 1 "It's tuesday night let's go to Maxx's and hit on college girls!"
Guy 2 " Can't go tonight, have to go fishing on Saturday.."
Guy 1 " More like going fish dicking.."
by NinjaMonkeyBallz420 October 14, 2015
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