A Boss Beautiful Individual That Checks Hoes(B.I T.C.H.) usually the head hoe (a.k.a. bottom) a pimp has and or is a female pimp herself. Has been in the night life for years or learned the game and headed to the streets herself. A boss b.i.t.c.h. Is no one to mess with, she gets dirty money and is proud of it. One of the most manipulative, 'go getter' you can ever meet.
Abby- "She got all them girls on her team ? She must be making money ! "

Sarah- " Don't mess with her she's a boss bitch, she up to no good Abb."
by ana4017 April 18, 2015
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Caylee muthafuckin Collins

Down ass bitch who is beautiful & a ride or die
The boss bitch runs everything
by JamesCaylee August 08, 2015
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A boss ass bitch means a young respectable lady or matured woman who has overcame many obstacles or hardships to achieve success in which she has proclaimed herself as the ultimate queen bee.
"She a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch."
by Trap Monroe February 02, 2018
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An independent queen whos working for everything shes got and is too hot to trot. Excels in everything she does and does it better than everyone else. Not someone to be messed with; might be little but is pretty ripped.
Oh so he thinks he can get away with being a douche? He clearly doesn't know he's messing with a boss ass bitch.
Sarah is a boss ass bitch.
Cuz im a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch...
I got an A on my exam, you know why? Cuz im a boss ass bitch.
I just signed two leases, you know why? Cuz im a boss ass bitch.
by bossassbitchesboss December 08, 2013
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The ability of being ultimately superior in the human female species by having the ability and skill to diss anyone who questions your authority with the utmost ultimate come backs that hits them so hard that makes mike Tyson looks like a two arm amputee. As well as the ability to twerk and slut drop with absolute Ferness and percision that Nikki Minaja looks like a flat assed plank of wood.
Girl: “you got nothing Bitch!”

Bad ass bass boss bitch: “girl! Imma come at you like a bag of cocks and your gonna receive me like a satchel of vaginas!” (Slut drops and twerks out of room like a bad ass bass boss bitch)
by Badassbossbassbitch April 28, 2019
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