Person1: yo friend Joey is typing bored as fuck in Urban dictionary
Person2:he must be bored as fuck
by BeeFucker69420 July 9, 2018
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Extremely bored...based on comedian Jon Lajoie and a song that he has on youtube...this is how he would describe complete and utter bored you are fucking useless.
Adjective: "Dude...this movie sucks - I'm bored as fuck! Let's get outta here."
Verb: "Yo this place bores me as fuck!"
by Sketchley February 12, 2010
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A public call out asking to have sex on Social Media sites, most commonly done on FaceBook. The person posts that they are bored as fuck on the site and then waits for Inbox messages, post likes and comments to see who it reeled in and then they try to set up meeting to have sex with the person they desire most.
by Spelling Beotch November 25, 2015
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Definition of my everyday life, I'm at home rn, I'm bored
Duuuudee, I'm bored as fuck
by Newbitch September 16, 2020
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Well apparently you are too, so I'll link you to Youtube's main page lol
Oh I can't write links so find something to do you skrub
Extreme boredom is the only reason you're on Urban Dictionary.

i'm bored as fuck
by ItsSupaMario January 24, 2018
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Instead of saying boring as fuck you say boring ass fuck to show that you are so really really really ridiculously bored that you would rather see two or more people ass fuck each other or participate in it than pay attention or do whatever it is that's boring.

A more extreme version of boring ass.
That movie was so boring ass fuck that i started to gouge my eyes out.
by PaperMachete October 26, 2005
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Similar to a hate-fuck, but you fuck someone because their talking is so god damned boring you have to do something to shut them up.
Somebody really needs to bore-fuck Nancy Pelosi. Get her to shut the hell up.
by cockpony July 8, 2009
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