Acronym of Bored as Fuck.
Can also be used as BAFF - Bored as Fucking Fuck.
Describes a state of extreme boredom.
I'm BAF today!
by a9on87 September 7, 2005
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Bored As Fuck. An quick and convenient way of telling someone that you're bored and have nothing to do.
I've been sitting in class for 2 hours staring at slides from the French Revolution, listening to my monotone teacher talk about her favorite war hero - BAF!
by JustinKF September 20, 2010
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BAF is an acronym, which stands for “Busy as Fuck.” It is primarily used in inter-office cubicle communities of programmers, system analysts, and network administrators.

BAF is rapidly expanding into higher education communities at four-year universities. This migration into the vernacular is due largely to the attendance of established technical workers attending four-year universities.

BAF is rumored to have originated in fall of 2004 as a resulting conversation between a network administrator and a system analyst while attending SDSU (San Diego, CA).
Me: My boss just gave me another major project on top of the three I already have! I will have to work on weekends for 6 weeks!

Friend: Well, between, working full time, going to school in the evenings, family-home life, I guess you will continue to be BAF for a while.
by Mr. Cer November 15, 2006
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I'm BAF until the end of the month when my salary comes.
by AAdonis October 3, 2012
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Business, Admin & Finance students who are just the bosses at everything and get to go on loads of trips!
ah those BAF guys are too sick
by lovie2010 October 18, 2010
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abbr. for Black And Fat, typically describing a big fat black man. He should be at least 250 lb, and at least 5'9.
Marni! That UPS BAF guy is sooooo hot!!!
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BAF stands for Best Asian Friend.
For example:

Hey, I have a BAF! or This girl is my BAF!
by Chowmeinness June 8, 2011
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