You’re in a mood so you go in your room to bop to make you feel better and you tell your friends to leave you alone because you are bopping
by Caroline’s my side hoe April 26, 2020
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(Verb): The act of giving another person oral sex, generally a female to a male.

(Adj): A word used to describe a woman who has whore-like tendencies, and will usually preform oral sex on a man. Can also be used to describe a male, in which it has the same connotation, but is usually used in jest, while when used to describe a female it is a negative term.
(Adj): "We all know why, 'cause you's a boppin' bitch." (from Bitch Suck Dick by Tyler the Creator ft. Jasper the Dolphin and Taco)


"Have you seen Carrie?"
"Nah, but I heard she was bopping Freddie last night. She might have stayed over at his house."
by Al Meringue January 22, 2012
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i) (Broadsides) The firing of speculative shots whose purpose is to test your opponents defenses rather than to score points.

ii) (Fig.) Attempting something without expectation of success, for other reasons.
Of course he was just bopping there: he's well aware of Knordsson's legendary agility, and that one was never going to even splash him!(Commentary, IFBP Cup Final, 1967)
by Rick O'Shay February 12, 2004
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The act of receiving oral satisfaction i.e. Head
So she gave me them eyes and I knew, I was about to get that bop bop.
by Tearin' Up These Thots August 31, 2016
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A rallying cry for any type of sexual interaction: intercourse, oral, anal. Closely related to titty bop, she bop, and some definitions of bop. Term originated with Erin R. Printy of Virginia.
Can be used the same way as Get 'er Done.
Sarah totally got laid last night. Bop Bop!
by Sarah Wentz February 11, 2005
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