a small town in Morris County NJ. It is made up of mainly working class people just trying to get by. It is only about 2 square miles in area, and everything is in walking distance if you're willing to hike up a few hills. Boonton has a train station that is still in opperation and is home to the Boonton Bombers athletic teams.
Current day Boonton is located about a mile up the Rockaway River from Old Boonton, which has been under the Jersey City Reservior since 1902.
by Field Playa November 4, 2010
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Kids that are great at basketball in middle school. They won the championship and beat LP and Mountain Lakes. Won like ten games without losing. LP was so sick too after they lost the championship.
I wish my kid played like Boonton in 2017.
by Ubaid khan March 16, 2017
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The only place you’ll find 6 fucking pizza places on a street that stretches under one mile. Full of stoners and weirdos. One spot it’s flat as shit and the other it’s hilly as fuck. Kinda built like a flat girl with big titties. Pretty much the poor version of ML, and has a goofy looking high school with a bunch of weirdos and people trying to have a good time. Stoner Central (pretty much everyone you meet under the age of 10 has hit a joint) Literally nobody south 5 miles of here knows that Boonton exists.
Hey Jerry wanna go to Romas in Boonton?

Jerry: How about Pasqualles?

Wait how about TOTP?

Jerry: Actually Vinnies sounds good

Never mind we’ll just go to Resivoir Tav.

Jerry: Arent they all on the same fucking street?

by mattjames April 6, 2022
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boonton may not be the richest nicest town ever but its ight..... it may not have big house's and fucking rich ass snobby ass kids but boonton kids would rip any of the m lakes kids in half....... lincoln park kids go to boonotn high school so both towns r the same..... m lakes has a good lax team thats it there football team got lucky........ so laker u guys r fucking awsome((((grecco))) so shut the fuck up all u lakers sept the boonton town ship ones some of them r kool
fuck u m lakes ur fucking gay
by lp April 5, 2005
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um boonton you guys are a bunch of wanna be ghetto kids but really u live in boonton which is like right next to mountain lakes u live in the fucking suburbs for god sake ur not tough shit like u think and sorry that us people from mountain lakes have money and nice things like why is it necessary for u to hate us for that because ur jelous...alright and greco is not a laker and never will be cuz shes an orange bitch that looks like a fucking ugly ghetto boonton dragqueen
yo im from boonton and i hang out at walmart cuz im that cool
by ew April 10, 2005
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Boonton is filled with wannabe ghetto kids and guidos. Spiked hair and gel is part of the game. They think they can make fun of ML for being rich, but that obviously only shows their jealousy b/c it's not like ML kids brag about it really and the ones who do are f*ckin gay. A lot of the kids are meatheads and most girls are skanks. Overall just a trashy wannabe town that will never compete with the big timers.
Yo vinnie, pass me the hair gel and fcuk fitted shirt.

Hey shawana, how many d1cks did you score over the weekend?
by C April 18, 2005
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ewwww.. grecco is soooo prettyy .. whoever wrote that ur just a jelous litl btich
boonton is fun and awesome
by keana April 14, 2005
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