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Sucky ass town in North Jersey, New Jersey. Also known as "Little Albania" cause the town is mostly Albanians. If you aren't Albanian, then you're Italian, and pretty fuckin' proud of it. All the girls are self titled "brunette bellas", even if they aren't brunettes. Pretty much filled with girls with uggs and guys with their collars popped. The town is cheap, not poor, and proof of this is because they don't even have a high school. The Lincoln Park kids go to Boonton High School after they graduate from LPMS, and now the percentage of them going to BHS has dropped since 2007. The town built a municipal building that we didn't need with tax dollars instead of building a high school.
"oh hai look would u look at me i'm fr0m lincoln park !!!!!@#!#11123!@#!!!!!!!!!"
"You're a douche."
by blahhhhhhhh ainsley December 05, 2007
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City located in southeast Michigan near Detroit. City full of sluts, scene kids and preps.
Slutty Lincoln Park, Scene Lincoln Park
by Amanda Hinkle July 10, 2008
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Lincoln Park is a fucked town in Morris County in northern NJ. Lincoln Parkers are known for being better at sports than their surrounding towns

*cough Boonton.
There is basically nothing in Lincoln Park except for McDonalds and Kenko sushi, so Lincoln Parkers have to rely on neighboring town to have fun shit to do.

To summarize what Lincoln Park is.....Lincoln Park is a ghetto ass town in the middle of fucking nowhere that is so cheap that they don’t even have their own High School, they hardly have a fucking football field. But atleast Lincoln Park isn’t as bad as Boonton.
Lincoln Park=Ghetto
by _chode December 07, 2018
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A city in southeast Michigan, full of retards who do urban dictionary myspace surveys and a bunch of whiggers
Another pute face from Lincoln Park did a myspace survey
by Rymfire August 23, 2008
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City in southeast Michigan, always considered ghetto because its by Detroit. And it can be, considering if you're a teenager there, you're either in a gang or a whigger. Others are scene, preppy, or lame.
Tom- I gotta visit my family in Lincoln Park..

Jack- Don't stay out past nine, and take a baseball bat.
by MichiganDoesn'tSuck June 23, 2010
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