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When something gets stolen from you, whether it be your girl, or your property
D.:" Man I hate my life"
JB." Why man what happened"
D." Some nigga Boonk Ganged my female, while she was talking to me"
D." Yeah worst part is she told me she wasn't ready for a relationship and then boom, BOONK GANG this nigga had her cuffed in five days"
by sus ass December 12, 2017
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When someone steals something from you in one quick, fluid motion and screams “Boonk Gang, Boonk Gang, Whole Lotta Gang Shit!”
Me: “Man, I’m so fucking furious!”
Bro: “Wassup?’
Me: “Some nigga boonk-ganged my car!”
by SkiMaskMan June 29, 2018
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When one steals for their personal gain in an atempt to get attention becuase their life is fucking sad.
by baconstripsX6 December 04, 2017
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