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London is officially the richest city in the world. House prices are higher here than anywhere else with the most expensive house being sold in London for around £100 million.
by Terry August 12, 2004
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al·co·hol·ic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lk-hôlk, -hlk)
Related to or resulting from alcohol.
Containing or preserved in alcohol.
Suffering from alcoholism.

A Leddy who drinks alcoholic substances habitually and to excess or who suffers from Leddyism.
I went to a bar with my friend and he had a little too much to drink. He pulled a Leddy on me.
by Terry December 15, 2003
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1. A slang term for "penis" usually used by little kids.
Mr. Thompson's peeper is bent.
by Terry April 05, 2004
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When one squirts saline solution up the nasal passage to douche the contents, and the resulting product comes out the other nostril or mouth.
I suddenly knew how mummies felt, as I used my nose douche to fire snot nougats out of my nostril.
by Terry January 11, 2005
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mates mums jemaican and it is a word that originates from there
by Terry January 19, 2005
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