The state of consciousness experienced while inebriated by hallucinogenic mushrooms.
You have an ounce of mushrooms? Let's eat these and go to Boomtown!
by Lawpseud October 5, 2010
Boomtown Boomtown Blenhole BlenVegas or Blenheim as its properly known is the home of Marlborough Boys College with a 36% pass rate in the 7th form. The once Glorious home of attractions such as The Mungrel Mob house and the Lone Leigon HQ has rapidly gone down the shithole and is now one of the most policed places in New Zealand.
It is also home to some of the countries highest youth Alcoholism drug use and underage pregnancy statistics and is renoun for its Emo bashing scene its Train station dominated like a gimp by Drop out boy racers and its LPG lighting stoners who were stupid enough to blow there car up when one of them decided while getting high to light a cigarette. Also home to the Legendary 7th form Grundie run which is now sponsored and that of a creature known only as gunge a slimy creature who has inhabitied local highschools for the better half of a century
Kevin: So are you gonna stay in Christchurch for summer or head home?
Tom: Yeah Its not worth renting a place down here so I'll just leach of my parents in Boomtown
by This IS Sparta! December 8, 2007
A particularly explosive bowel movement that leaves you fatigued and in need of a shower.
I shouldn't have had those tacos last night. This morning I had to take a trip to Boomtown
by Dr. Danger June 17, 2008
The single best soccer goalie in Massachusetts. Goes by the name of Greg; is currently leading the Algonquin Regional Tomahawks to their second straight state soccer title.
Boomtown just made a sick save - again.
by ChuckyB November 11, 2005
boomtown - a place of awesomeness

1. When you do something really awesome, you're moving into boomtown

2. When you are awesome, you are the mayor of boomtown

3. Pretty much the same as being like a boss
Person 1: I completely smashed that exam
Person 2: Sounds like you're moving into boomtown

Person 1: That exam went so well that I'm going to get voted as the next mayor of boomtown
by the mayor of boomtown June 27, 2011
Adj. An expression of happiness for an achievement.
Origin: When you hit blackjack at the Boomtown Casino in New Orleans the dealer proclaims “Boomtown!”
Kevin: I fucked my ex's hot roommate last night.
Jeff: Boomtown!
by Jeff Brooks September 8, 2005
An exclamation said after a scene was expertly acted and delivered. Primarily used at the Lesly Kahn Institute.
by Missy Fisher July 23, 2011