A city in south Ontario full of rednecks. It’s poor, ghetto, and dangerous everywhere. Gunshots sound like a fireworks show and you aren’t even safe during the day. Don’t go here ever!
A Brantford fireworks show is just semi-auto rifles in the distance
by Crazycar3 November 11, 2021
Basically imagine all of the characters from King of the Hill and Trailer Park Boys lived in a town of 100,000 in Southern Ontario. Property values are low for a reason.

Often known as a ghost town with a high crime rate and lots of racism. Luckily, University students and Natives from Six Nations with some real culture have been moving to the city, making the city far less bland and revitalizing the downtown area.

Neighbourhoods: West Brant, Holmedale, East Ward, Brier Park/Fairview, Ava Heights, Eagle Place, Echo Place, Brentwood Park, Terrace Hill.
“I went to Brantford last week, why would anyone sane decide to move there? Honestly there is nothing this place has to offer anyone.”
by Genericone April 29, 2019
The coolest town in all of Canada. A place where you can learn to play guitar, go to the library, and buy crystal meth all on one street. The people are rude, the down town is a hole, and the high schools are breeding grounds for sluts. There's only one bookstore and the mall is shit. There are more Tim Hortons than gas stations. The kids are selfish brats, and you can get mugged walking your dog. More people smoke pot here than in Amsterdam. There are five high schools-no one counts tolgate-which are Assumption, BCI, North Park, PJ, and St. John's.

The town has limited night spots, and these spots are trashy dumps. But still, Brantford is the coolest place in Canada. You have to live here to get it.
Person One: Give me your money.

Person Two: Are you from Brantford?

Person One: How did you know?

Person Two: Because you're jumping me....and you're a vodka obsessed crystal meth loving ford planter slut.

Person One: You are correct. Good day.
by MistakeMeForASucker June 5, 2009
Brantford is A town in Ontario Canada where all the girls are sluts and all the guys are hockey playing fuckbois who walk around shouting ferda all day. Almost all the teens do drugs and half of them drop out of school before grade 11. Still has the highest teen pregnancy rate in all of Ontario and also the highest car theft rate. Most girls are bitches who just act like sluty to sleep with guys you can also get heroine on any street corner and the down town is nasty and homeless people pull knifes on you but hey we have Wayne Gretzky so fuck all of you
Do you like in brantford
Ya man it’s fucked I’m 11 and have 2 kids
by Mickey Dickey October 30, 2017
A city full of fuck bois and girls that turn their backs on you every second and everyone does pot behind gretezky
Brantford sucks
by youreahoelol May 21, 2020
A small city in southern Ontario of around 100,000 people - with a large portion being druggies and drunks. Has one of the highest per capita crime rates in Canada and compatible to similar sized US cities. Has some nice neighborhoods, but the low life's and bag chasers spill into these neighbourhoods too sadly.

It's a great place to live if you like being robbed or want to become a junkie.

The whole place just has a depressingly toxic vibe.
Hey, let's goto Brantford and grab some meth/fetty. You won't even need to spend money. Drugs are pretty much blowing in the wind.
by zenob28 December 2, 2020
Small city in Ontario, Canada, in which all citizens do drugs, most teen girls are pregnant, and if you do not park your car in a maximum security garage with laser automated shotguns and target intelligent missiles and 3 professional veteran snipers camping out your house 24 hours a day, your vehicle will get stolen.
Brantford: You to random person: Hey man u know where i can get some pot?
Random person: *gives you the number to 15 drug dealers* Those are the best in town. if none of them answer you/text you back heres a few more *gives you a phone book*
by The Stoner Adventure May 14, 2015