A fat unfit child. Usuallay used with fatty to denote a really fat child. (Australian)
Look at that fatty boombalada. I reckon he(she) should give up the micky ds.
by Anonymous December 11, 2002
A child or otherwise short person who is abnormaly fat, almost to the point of being wider than tall.
Check out that fat bitch! Oh, look she has Boomba Lada's too..
by piker September 4, 2003
A mature aged obese lady who has fatty boomsticks, hence the name boombalada.
wow dude look at that boombalda over there rolling in french fries!
by umbie March 22, 2004
What you call a person who eats all the cookies without offering them to anyone else.
eg " where did all the cookies go?"
"I ate them...."
"you're a fatty boombalada"
by cookiemonsterboombah April 9, 2018