n. Filipino slang for sex, pornography, or any other adult related entertainment or activities.
My friend likes to watch boomba on tv in the morning while eating his breakfast.
by BOLDSTARZ July 11, 2003
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a term to define a girl who is uncontrollably hot, there aren't any limits to their beauty and howmuch wake up they try to wear.
yooo that girl chalini...shes certainly boomba material
by 996197351 April 04, 2008
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a girl who is fat, ugly, stupid, or any combination thereof
My friend was so desperate that he hooked up with a boomba last night.
by dolla dolla frog September 18, 2005
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a word describing a very overweight African American Women.
"I wish I married a white women, instead of spending the past 20 years of my life with a big boomba"
by special forces September 02, 2007
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