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Candy, Squid, Warrior, E-nig, and Bucas are who are known as the original members of the bool crew. Some call the group a gang while others say its a club but regardless its a brotherhood that is unbreakable, and those who are in it are ride or die. Anyone can be in the bool gang, all they have to do is call themselves a booler, and be a part of the growing Bool army. The booler instagram can be found @the_bool_blog
Tyler "Yo did you see the Boolers at that party last night?"
Roman "Yea bro, Candy and Squid fucked that one dude up after he was talkin shit about the rest of the crew."
Tyler "Yea man, dont fuck with a booler man, those dudes will kill you"
by Cream_Team April 09, 2019
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A shoe. Possibly Geordie origin. From the verb "to bool". As in "booling alang" or going very fast.
I've got to get some new boolers. Mine are all rancid and the leather smells like oysters.
by Ripp404 September 04, 2018
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